About Our Products

Our Wool

We sell 100% pure Gulf Coast (Native) sheep wool in several forms.  From Raw Fleece to Top.  We have mill processed roving and top.  The roving contains a fair amount of vegetable matter (VM).  The top is approximately 99% free of VM.  All processed wool products are sold in 2 and 4 oz. increments, but are not necessarily packaged separately.  To get the lowest shipping rate available, we will compress all wool products as much as possible.

Our Baskets

Our baskets are hand-woven by artist Mary C. Miller.  They are made of reed with wooden handles.  These heirloom quality baskets can last a lifetime with proper care and handling.  Each basket is numbered and signed by Mary.  Colors of accent reed vary and our display may not reflect the color shipped.  A color can be requested by contacting us, however it may or may not be in stock.  We can make custom orders as well.  Call for details.

Meat and Eggs

These are items we currently cannot ship.

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