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Our Mission


Our main passion is feeding people, physically, spiritually, and charitably. We do this through product sales, donations and a lot of prayer. Our ranch provides all natural, healthy, locally grown foods from rare heritage breed, pasture-raised poultry, and livestock. We also provide wool and wool products from our small but growing pure bred flock of Gulf Coast Native Sheep. While we don’t directly clothe you, someday you may wear something we grew! And to top that off, we make and sell hand-woven, sturdy, heirloom quality, reed baskets.  We ardently promote animal conservation efforts by raising and utilizing only endangered heritage breeds. In addition our land management conservation and stewardship efforts insure our ability to utilize our ranch land for generations to come.


Shearing Day!

Shearing day 2019 has come and gone.  Our friends from Right Choice Shearing did a bang up job as did about 20 helpers!  We could NOT have done it without everyone's help.  Stay tuned for Shearing day 2020.  It'll be here before you know it.


Cute Gulf Coast Native Sheep

These critically endangered sheep need your help!  Every purchase you make from us helps keep this breed from going extinct.

We participate in Shave 'Em to Save 'Em!

We are a Gulf Coast (Native) fiber provider

 What is SE2SE?  A challenge that rewards fiber artists for working with wool from breeds on the Conservation Priority List while connecting shepherds of Heritage breeds with customers. Learn more at: RareWool.org 


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Or if you'd like, come see us in person! Just let us know you're coming.

We love our customers, and that's why we want to keep you safe!  We're a working ranch so we really appreciate folks letting us know before you come by.  It helps us make your visit go a lot smoother.  Also it keeps you from having to try and talk to the emu's when nobody else is home...

The Double Portion Ranch

3995 Auxiliary Airport Rd., Seguin, TX 78155, US

(830) 745-1700 doubleportionranch@gmail .com

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